Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Past My Bedtime

I can hardly believe it's been only 3 days since I got home. What a busy week.

Each morning I have been asking God for wisdom for the day.

Today I began in one direction and ended up in another.
I wanted to sand the floor in the guest room down to the bare wood but there were a few complications. My husband jumped in and encouraged me to get a laminate floor found cheap( relative term) at Mardens.

I followed his advice but now my house is upside down, my brother-in-law carpenter can't finish the job until Thursday, it's a different color scheme than I planned, and I am tired.


Looking back over the day, I realize the floor stripping, sanding, painting would have been hindered by the high humidity that we have right now but it seemed simpler at the time. Now I have baseboards to paint and....

Enough. I prayed for wisdom and my day turned. I will have strength to finish the project.

It is past my bedtime. Goodnight Blogworld.

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