Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Perfect Pie

I was a bit worried about what I would do for pies this year. I have really been trying to stick with gluten-free cooking. Yet I do have holiday traditions. Nevertheless, I'm working on letting go of stress and praying about everything, leaving it and trusting God for the answer.

Praying about pies? Yes, everything.
There's a scripture that says God delights in the details of our lives.

So I asked for wisdom.
I had a plan- to got to the Amish store and place an order, but the day I planned to do so, the weather was awful. Nope, didn't get there.
Next thing I knew, Mom volunteered to bring two pies and Amy, my daughter-in-law, said she was going to make a pumpkin pie when she got here.
She did and it was the perfect pie.

I made gluten-free brownies, which were a big hit with ice cream!

Everything was great. I had cooked my turkey the day before and only had to warm it along with the stuffing. When  we sat down to dinner and I realized that I  had forgotten to make the mashed potatoes. I was mortified. Then everyone laughed about driving clear to Aroostook County ( potato country) and no potatoes.  In my defense, we did have sweet potatoes.

It was a  peaceful day and I was able to relax and enjoy my family. I think God was smiling right along with me. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

 Yesterday I went to my hairdresser and we got adventurous. Instead of my normal highlights, I went darker. It's quite a change and I am not sure how I feel aout it yet. But I love the fact that I was willing to take the risk.
In a few short weeks, we will move into a new year.
This holiday season, I hope to simplify my plans and preparations so that I have more time to pray over the new year and what I want my life to focus on. I'm starting with Thanksgiving. Instead of buying flour (I'm gluten free) to bake regular pies and all that, I've decided to order them. The turkey is going in the oven the day before so I can enjoy my family the day of...
Little adjustments can make a big difference. It takes a bit of courage to change tradition but how were they established in the first place? Gotta start somewhere.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally :)

Lilyana meet your Mammy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Healing Journey Continues

Since my last post it has been an up and down journey. My husband bounced back well , but my shortness of breath returned. Once again my trip to see my granddaughters was postponed. This time I was determined not to bow to discouragement. I decided to make the best of it. First of all, I emailed my "yada" sisters prayer group to ask for prayer. Then I spent the day reading, catching up on my Bible study, working on a project for christmas...

There are 6 of us in our prayer circle. Perhaps I'll tell the story of how God put us together at another time. We are all at different places in our lives, but our hearts are connected. So today I have posted a picture of Ann and Jo, two of the gals that I am so grateful for. Love you Barbie, Vicki and Steph.