Saturday, June 27, 2009

a Wish and a Prayer

Goodies for the grandkids got packed first. Next odds and ends, food, etc. We are headed for the camper tomorrow.
Fridays on my daughter's blog have evolved into wish Fridays. I am making this a wish Saturday. My wish is for sunshine and breezes. With all the family camping together, it would be a bonus. This is not, however, a totally selfish request. Our crops are hurting already from so much gloom and rain.
I am turning this wish into a prayer. Send us sunshine and breezes, Lord.
My blogging will be a bit sparse for the next couple of weeks. Don't count me out altogether. I am taking my laptop and will look for internet access and a few moments to blog.
Hey, is this the gal that was thinking of leaving the blogger world? :) Not anymore.

Friday, June 26, 2009

All Mine - WJ #4

Jamie's video this week really spoke to me- an aha moment so to speak. I was comparing my journal to everyone else's. Now that I see, it seems silly - but when you're caught in that trap, it's not. The truth sets me free.
As Jamie was speaking,I heard the words, " Be yourself." Thus I went out and picked a few of my flowers still wet from the rain and pressed them in my journal. It feels more like mine already with the yellow petals sticking out.
The red is my paper airplane. It's been years since I made one of those. Rough, but all mine:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are crazy days, lazy days, days that I want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head, and days with special moments. Yesterday was marked with moments I want to remember.
Picture #1
In the morning I went to riding lessons. The humidity was sweltering. I came straight home and jumped in the shower. I had plans for the afternoon, but was waiting for a friend who was supposed to stop in. Some days those waits are frustrating, but I had a book I am enjoying so I grabbed it and headed outside where a breeze had arisen. After a bit I looked up from my book. It was snowing whispers of dandelions, you know after they turn white. I tried to capture the magic on film, but settled for sitting in the midst of it.
Picture #2
Hubby waiting in the car. neighbors have been telling us about a bear hanging around. I grabbed my camera, just in case. No bear but this lovely butterfly in my driveway.
Hubby and I visited a friend who will soon be in heaven. (Then went to put mom's air conditioner in.) On the ride home I was pondering my blessings of having so many precious people in my life as this friend. This sunset was a perfect period to my thoughts.

You know that friend I was waitng for? She never did show up. I wonder what my day would have been like without her simple phone call that redirected me? The smallest things can change the course of our days or even our lives.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lupines in Maine

Yesterday my hubby and I took a drive to the cemetery to pay tribute to his Dad. The sides of the West Ridge Rd were clothed in beauty. Lupines were scattered everywhere. They have recently come into blossom here in northern Maine. I know on the coast they have been out for awhile.
I love this flower and the story of Miss Rumphius who scattered their seeds over an entire island:)
It is raining again this morning, but the lupines remind me that spring is actually here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stop & Smell the ...Blog?

"I am going to leave the blogging world. It takes up too much time."
Has this thought crossed your mind? Mine too. Then I switch on the computer, turn to my blog where someone left a word of encouragement, a picture posted made me smile, or I hear my daughter's voice through her blog.
This week my daughter has been working 12 hour days and I have been unable to just pick up the phone and call. Since she lives across country, I can't drop in with cookies or share my favorite book. I do, however, know what her wish is for a day or learn about the first time she made homemade pasta or the newest starbucks she visited. When we are separated by distance from those we love, it's the little things we miss. We plain don't remember to share everything in a phone call.
This is my time. No exiting blog world for me .
Check out her blog listed in my blog list- Disrupted by Change.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck This Journal- Week 3

I admit I have been discouraged with the wrecking process. Last week as I listened to Jamie, the thought kept coming to me to throw my book out in the rain. So I did. I rescued it about an hour later and haven't touched it again until this morning.
Letting go is to be my life lesson to learn over and over.
Before we officially started WJ, I had visions of tearing into the creative landscape of possiblity. The truth is I am moving at a snail's pace watching the blur of others speed by.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

In an hour I am headed for another horseback riding lesson. Getting the knack of the saddle has definitely been a challenge. Every week I ask the same questions and each time I remember a little bit more. Then my instructor has to tighten it up for me. Not as easy as it looks.

I remember when I was learning to drive a car. I had to concentrate on every nuance. Now I hop in, head down the road with hardly a thought.

My life experience has been to walk things out, one step at a time. Rarely ever a giant leap for mankind. What is that little cliche? Slow and steady wins the race.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wrecked #2

Wreck this Journal went with me everywhere. WJ traveled to horseback riding lessons in my red purse, to Bar Harbor in my new spring purse, into the shower with my shampoo, and lay on my kitchen table so I could continue to place fruit stickers inside. It was sort of like having a companion you never talk to. I barely touched it, but WJ is still with me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I think I've blogged about this before or at least mentioned it, but it bears repeating. For years I didn't know what color eyes I had. Before you ask, " Who is this chic, duh?", I am a fairly bright artistic woman. Today I came across an old license on which my eye color was documented as green. My find was on the same day that I took the above photo.
I was running late, but when I glanced in the mirror, that little something pulled at my spirit to take this photo. My eyes are unequivocally blue, as blue as the wildflowers I picked yesterday and placed in this vase on my dresser.
It is a wonderful feeling to look in the mirror and know who I am and like me. I could philosophise a bit more, but supper is waiting. A gal can't spend all day looking in the mirror :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wreck This Journal - week 1

I have spent the last hour watching the video, checking the posts, andhaving a computer problem with mounting frustration because I have other things to do. nevertheless, i was determined to start week 1. So here it is. This is the page I chose because this is an everyday little frustration to me- where to put the stickers. I find them on the shelf, in the sink, on the veggie brush. so I got a fruit sticker and put it on the page , and took a few pictures of the page and got them on my computer. Then I deleted the one with the sticker by mistake! so this is all you get today- one blank journal page and one wrecked artist:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Empty Bottles

4 little bottles waiting for Spring...I love to put flowers in various sizes and colors of bottles. I am waiting patiently for my lilacs to bloom, but it seems like everything is against them. It is cold here again today. Yet if they had bloomed before yesterday's storm, the hail may have taken them out.
Timing is an important part of our lives - paying attention to the rhythms, the ebb and flow, the seasons. Human nature is bent on getting it done ( as my husband would say). Peace takes over as we listen to the rhythm of our present season and move accordingly.
My bottles are not empty after all. They held this message for me today.