Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Close of Summer

Autumn snuck up on me this year. I was busy traveling back and forth to get my granddaughter ready for school and  to camping weekends with my family that I barely noticed. It wasn't until this past weekend when once again I headed to southern Maine that I began to notice how much the trees had turned.
I can hardly believe that my blog has been so neglected, but then so has my health and my house.
I keep saying when this is over or that...then I can slow down. How many times have I heard others say those very words?
In light of all this I posted a pic of a terrific purchase  made on Monday- my new red electric tea kettle. It looks copper in the photo but it is bright red. I am going to go make a cup of tea and rest a bit. All my work is caught up today and the rest of the office work will wait until tomorrow. I am going to dig out my new copy of Artful Blogging, which hasn't even been opened and get re-inspired.

Friday, September 10, 2010


My beautiful new granddaughter. Lily.
 Need I say more?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hurricane Fizzles Out

Where has the time gone since I last posted? What has happened since that leisurely Sunday ride on the motorcycle?

I took my granddaughter shopping for a whole new wardrobe for school. She is moving from New Mexico to Maine, from public to private school so major changes.

We went to orientation, guidance counselor appts, bought school supplies, dr's appt.....yep, all that and more.

I had a day to catch my breath.

Spent a day with a friend I hadn't seen in months.

My son and his family landed at the camper on thursday last. We packed up on friday and headed inland because of the serious hurricane warnings.

The above pic is out my sister-in-law's window. All we got was driving rain. The storm turned towards Nova Scotia.

Bact to the camper, all of us weary from a hot sleepless night.

A day with hubby at the camper. Lobster :)

Labor Day was labor- cleaned the camper, mowed the lawn and did up the bedding and towels.

Home to more laundry, cleaning house, bills.

Offfice work awaits me.

Oh, and my precious new granddaughter was born on Saturday morning! :)

The storm may have fizzled out but this past month seemed like a whirlwind!