Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Weeks, Beth Moore and Hope

I can hardly believe that two weeks have passed since I last blogged. I am trying to move at a slower pace and listen to my body as well as my spirit, but two weeks? There have been ups and downs in those 14 days, but one of the greatest encouragements came on Saturday past when I attended Beth Moore's live simulcast, So Long Insecurity.
It was one of those days when I wanted to do anything but climb in a van full of women to spend the day watching any speaker, although I love Beth. Nevertheless, I had made the commitment so I went. It was exactly what I needed. Click on the link and see her commissioning statement which we said to each other at the end. It was a powerful time for me.
I have found that each day holds challenges in this world we live in, either for ourselves or someone we know. We ache for hope to pull us up out of the valleys of despair and weariness. I met with a woman this week whose husband told her he didn't love her anymore. She desperately wants to do the "right thing" . I didn't have any answers for her marriage, but I could offer words of assurance that she is loved by God and no one ever does it all right. Sometimes we don't even come close. But God is unlike any other person we know- His love is unconditional and unfailing.
Hope doesn't always pull us up out of our valleys,  sometimes it gets down there with us and lights our way- even if it's but one step at a time.
Image came in an email I received. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been a month since I have blogged. What I missed most was reading others' blogs. I took some time away from Facebook, blogs, and pretty much everything online except checking my email. We don't often think about all the connections we have in a day via telephone, email , work, home, and family. I was on overload and felt the need to pare down.
Over the weekend we traveled to our grandson's birthday party 5 hours south of us. This beautiful tree was in bloom. It seemed like the perfect picture to begin blogging again.
The return of spring.
I am returning to the electronic world at a slower pace. I'm  still pondering what to cut out. Some things have to go, but not this; at least not for now.