Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes I Don't Understand

Frustration is swirling inside of me. I've been plagued with various health issues for several years and have learned how to deal with them while I continue to believe in the God who performs miracles. On most days I enjoy my life. Then some little thing gets the best of me. That's what happened tonight. I felt like crying. I didn't. Instead here I am- blogging.

Thanksgiving is a God-given tool to pull my eyes from what seems like a mountain.

I am grateful for a wonderful summer with my granddaughter, for my husband's newly signed contract for another 2 years, for a beautiful family, my home, loyal friends, a group of women I meet with each week for Bible study, a peaceful country to live in, freedom, choices, stacks of books just waiting to be read, blogging, a new purse ...and a huge God who sees the whole picture when I can only see what is right in front of me.

Already I am calmer. I've learned that answers rarely come when I am frustrated or fearful. Actually once I'm at peace, the need to understand diminishes. Shalom.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Extravagance

Every now and then I am reminded of the reason I named this blog, Extravagant Purse. Today my reminder was on the LPM blog. Wade through the preliminaries and get to the story on this post. It is worth it.

Beth Moore is a gifted speaker and Bible teacher, but she is also an everyday woman, just like you and me. It is obedience to those small promptings God- dropped into our hearts which release the flow of his extravagant love into this earth.

What little detail have you been ignoring this week? Perhaps you should take a second look. It may be that our huge God has hidden a treasure therein.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Around the Corner

This has been the rainiest summer I can remember in 30 years. I recall one other when my children were small and we were confined to a small mobile home. Times have changed. I'm not homebound by babies, without a vehicle, but I do miss the sunshine. I can say that I appreciate every summer-like day that we have now.
Last week we had one of those beautiful days. I rounded the corner of our house to check on my flowers and let out a gasp. There was a baby lupine, standing as big as you please in front of me. I didn't expect any blossoms this year from the seeds I planted. We'd barely had enough sunshine to nurture my full-grown flowers. Nevertheless, there it was- proclaiming growth and beauty in the midst of dreariness.
Joy filled my heart. Have I mentioned I love my flowers? :)
Thus today my post defies this dark, wet Monday morning with the knowledge that at any moment, I may turn a corner to a flash of beauty and blessing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Signs of Love

This has been a busy summer, despite all the rain. I've been doing a fair amount of traveling back and forth to our camper which is 3-4 hours away depending on traffic. it's not the traveling so much as preparing for it. This includes packing a suitcase with clothes for various types of weather ( this is Maine), towels and bedding that I brought home to wash, food( no matter where I go because of food allergies), and of course, plenty of reading material, just in case.
Today I head out ( this time with hubby) on another journey. we will stop by the camper for the first night, then drive 2 more hours to our grandchildren. Oh, and pick one up on the way. Are you tired yet? Yesterday, just thinking about it added to my weariness. Today it's a different story.
The sign says it all. We are grandparents. Is there anything like it? Two of our children and their families bought us this sign, not knowing the other did. So we have one at the camper and the above one here at home. it makes me smile everytime. I know that once I have those hugs and welcoming kisses, it is all worth it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rainbow Of Fog

Mount Desert Island is a magical place. Peace hovers in the air. I have often pondered the history, wondering what the people were like that first inhabited this beautiful isle.
These photos were taken a few weeks ago, a rare dry day in the midst of a rain-filled summer. A rainbow of fog. In all the years I have come to the island, I have never seen this site.
God's creation never ceases to amaze me.
I've been away from my computer for a few days.While catching up on other duties, I thought I would quickly share this beauty with my fellow bloggers

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Don't you just love getting a birthday gift that totally takes you by surprise and is absolutely perfect? I have received some amazing presents from my daughter, crafted by her own hand. This one is no exception, although digital. When I opened it, it took me a minute to realize what it was - a book containing 6 months of posts and pics from the start of my blog until now.
I tucked it away until the time when I would be able to sit down with it alone. We were camping and I wasn't sure when that would be.
Late one night after adults and grandkids alike had settled down, I retrieved my treasure from its nesting place and with booklight in hand, spent the next hour in reflection. What a treat!
I can't believe that I nearly gave up blogging a month ago. I have always wanted to write and have a book published. Not quite what I had in mind, but perfect, nonetheless :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visitor in Flight

This butterfly was hanging around the camper all afternoon. I got the camera out and she put on a show. I think she was enjoying the sunshine as much as the rest of us after a soggy few days.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love at First Sight

A good rule of thumb when shopping is to only buy what you love ( aside from necessities). While browsing in Bar Harbor's stores with 2 friends, I came across this tray. It was love at first sight. The price was more than I usually spend on myself so I thought about it for a minute:) Knowing I would use it everyday to eat my lunch or evenings with a cup of tea and a cookie, it was worth it.
A month later, I am still smiling.

Friday, July 10, 2009

WJ -Obsessed with Water

My WJ companion is obsessed with water. WJ jumped in the shower with me. Ahhh, not exactly a photo moment.
WJ went on vacation with me, my hubby, sons, daughter, spouses, grandkids camping in the soggiest July ever. :(
Next week we'll try something a bit drier.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Last Friday I got brave after reading so many of your posts. I threw my journal in the dishwater, squeezed it out a bit, hung in on the line with my sheets, and used it for a knee pad to plant flowers( Thanks to a sister WJ wrecker). The journal is still damp a week later along with everything else here in Maine this spring. I guess it's officially summer now. I'm on vacation. Today is my birthday so I stole some time to find a wireless site and post. I'll have to check out all the other blogs next week. Have fun!