Monday, January 26, 2009

13 Things

I wasn't sure I was going to continue with this blog, but I am inspired today to chronicle another extravagant purse moment. Yesterday was my granddaughter's 13th birthday. She and her mother flew in from the balmy southwest to freezing temperatures for the occasion. It was worth it. My favorite moment in the day: all of my family was standing around the table as the Birthday Girl opened her gifts. Then she opened the card from her mom. It was entitled "13 Things I love about You." The homemade card had a pic of BG on the front with a crown on. Inside was the list of 13 things and BG proceeded to read them aloud. We all laughed and sighed with emotion as the list was read. They were so right on. What an amazing thing to have your parents know you so well and love you so much! It was a precious personal moment that BG shared with us all and one I will remember for a long while.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Extravagant Purse

I heard a story a few years back that has been echoing in my spirit of late. Prompted by God, one woman bought another an extravagant purse, beyond the price she would normally pay for any gift. Oddly enough she knew the recipient was able to make any purchase she wanted. At lunch she presented the purse to the woman with whom she had a mere acquaintance. Visibly touched by the gift, the receiver proceeded to share her story of pain and adversity she had experienced recently and the rarity of another person blessing her with such a gift, for she was often the giver. This was a gift of extravagant love bringing a new spark of hope into a weary life.

A friend whom I often treat bought my lunch recently. She asked me if I recalled the story of the purse. I quietly said "Oh, yes." She then replied,"I just want to do this for you." For her it was a bit of extravagance, for me it was a whisper from heaven. "Remember I am your extravagant Father." A promise of things to come.

As I begin this New Year with a new blog, I title it Extravagant Purse to remind myself and encourage each blogger who reads this: Reach beyond the norm, whether big or small, to bless another, even when it makes no sense. Listen to those gentle promptings. And for the reader who is weary, don't give up. Your purse is on the way.