Monday, August 22, 2011

It All Started With A Movie

Pam & I arrived in Bangor in time for a nice supper. Then we met my daughter and her daughter at the movies.

Loaded up with popcorn and candy we settled in to watch The Help.
I hadn't read the book although I meant to before the movie arrived. I think the four women sitting in front of us had because they seemed to delight in scenes before we did, anticipating what was coming.
Laughter turned to tears by the end. My daughter described it as gut-wrenching.

We all loved it, from 15 to 59.

It was a great beginning to the week. Today we saw Lily swim (more later), did some shopping, had a great lunch and spent more time with my girls.

Now we are snuggled in at the camper for the night.
Thank you Lord for a blessed day.


Nancy said...

I don't think I have ever laughed as much as I did about the pie incident.....That was a great movie......

Being reared in the south, I can tell you that is exactly the way it was....some people worked for great people and others had just the kind of attitude you saw in the movie.....I loved beyond measure the lady who helped us, Stelle, and she meant the world to my mother...I still think of her often and what a wonderful person she was....

Sounds like you and Pam are having the best time.....I hope you have lots more good times with your girls...

GraceGal said...

Thanks Nancy for sharing. That is so interesting!