Monday, August 8, 2011

Art Fair Treasures

Purchased Tent When Temp Reached 80
Chalk Drawings by People Walking By
Cousin Kobi Checking Out Her Work
Sissy Looking On

Most Memorable Moment

Bought this from the booth next to Ken's

 "Future Somethings" 

 I couldn't sleep that night for my mind was filled with special moments from throughout the day.
  • The young woman who purchased McKenna's first painting
  • The shade of trees over wooden benches
  • Lily's bare piggies on the bench
  • Family gathered together for support
  • Smiles of faces as they perused Ken's work
  • Grampy grabbing the video guy to film his girl
  • McKenna's Joy
  • My purchase of Future Somethings
  • Most Memorable - McKenna took her earnings and bought her mom a print she had admired. With great emotion she presented it to her mom, my daughter for all the support, canvas hunting, etc that she had given. I was in tears.
  • How blessed I am to have these two amazing women in my life!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

My heart became soft and buttery reading your post.....
What a precious day for you and your two girls.......
But the line that really got me was "McKennan took her earnings and bought her mom a print" that girl has a heart of gold and I know you are so proud of her......I know that was a precious moment beyond words........

I am so glad you shared this day with us.....