Friday, July 19, 2013

What's Next?

This is my last day in the County for awhile. 

Ten days ago I traveled home - unexpectedly for me, but no surprise to God. It was all in His plan.

 I was able to get into my eye doctor, dentist, doctor, and hairdresser. I had new tires put on the car and two very worn wheelbearings replaced.

Today the dentist worked me in for an emergency crown on a cracked and fragile tooth. I am praying the nerve remains okay and no root canal is needed!

That's amazing in such a short period of time. I am marveling at God's care and favor in this season.

I miss my girls and will head back in the morning, God willing.

My journaling course ended today as well. What a joy it was! I'm not into the same spiritual sources as Susannah but besides that, I gleaned every bit of knowledge and inspiration that I could. i had written some intentions for the course, which I may share in a later post. Everyone of them were met!

Next week my "Anything" study over at GoodMorningGirls will end. I have made some great connections there and the study itself was perfect timing. Who knows what's next? :)
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Nancy said...

It certainly does sound like God took care of all your appointment needs. It always feel good to get them behind me.....

I have enjoyed your sharing about all you have learned in your classes and I an anxious to see what is next on your agenda....

Do you have any idea how long you will staying this time and will you be able to go to your camper?