Friday, July 12, 2013

The Original Artist

My heart on Wings Open this week originated from an artist's painting. When thinking about connecting the theme to this blog, my mind went right to another artist, The Artist, our Creator. I have been reading in Genesis this week with new eyes and loving the thoughts of God creating all this beauty and companionship for us.

I could have posted a picutre of the ocean for this post or a view from Cadillac mountain, but there was something about this picture that spoke to my heart. Have you ever really looked at a spider web? When I got home this week they were annoying in the corners, ceilings, everywhere and I quickly brushed them down. Yet when I was sitting on the deck of the camper and the sunlight hit this one, I left it where it was. Not only are spider webs skillfully woven, they are strong in a certain way.

I have been reading this week how God plans our lives, how He weaves both the bad and the good circumstances of our lives into His plan, as we surrender to him. Job 42:2 says that nothing can stop His plans for us. What a promise to breathe fear from our lives!

He has allowed me to glimpse that weaving this week, which he doesn't always do. Suddenly I was headed home and four appointments were lined up in a matter of two days. Today my car is in the shop getting much needed work and ironically the mechanic had the entire day free and thinks he can get the parts. I love it when a plan comes together!

Actually God's plans are always coming together. He doesn't always let us see the process so we think He is doing nothing. But He is moving. He is alive and breathing over us.

If you are wondering where He is today and why you are where you are, join the club. I have been there often over the past months, but He was breathing and speaking over my life. He was moving.
David wondered too. Read Psalm 42 in the Message Bible today. David questioned, but He knew that God had made a promise to him. Can you find that amongst David's words in this Psalm? 

He ends the Psalm with "God puts a smile on my face."

 I am smiling today and believe me, I am not taking that for granted. 
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Nancy said...

Love your analogy with the spider web....very good points....

I am so glad you are having things go well while at home and it sounds like you are getting lots done....