Saturday, July 13, 2013

True Connection

Several years ago I found this bracelet at a craft fair. At the time I was going through a season that was focused on the heart. Heart connections in ministry, following my own heart, hearing the heart of others, and I needed a visual reminder. 

I have found that there is no visual reminder needed where there is a true heart connection. My heart is connected by the design of God to my husband, even when we disagree. My heart is bound to my daughter, often bowing in prayer for her when she doesn't speak a word. I have friends who see my heart, sometimes better than I.

Noone knows my heart like Jesus. He breaks it at times and he heals it. He knows all its secrets and idols and knows exactly what is needed to return my heart to Him, for it is my true desire.

There is no substitute for the heart of God in relationship, vertically or horizontally. He gives us visual reminders at times, speaks to us daily through His word. We can use our minds to receive His voice and let them renew our thinking, but we must move beyond. We must let His Holy Spirit penetrate the hiddden places of our hearts in order to fully know the extent of His love. 

It is only then we will experience true connection. With God and others.
It must be a God thing, a supernatural work. we can strive and strive or we can bow and yield and let him bind our hearts to His love and His plan for our lives.

I can't but Christ can.
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Nancy said...

Heart connection....I love it...I am so glad He is changing my heart to make it more like Him and that He loves me even though my heart is often turned toward other things....I bet this was a beautiful journal page.....