Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...

I am standing at the laundromat in the campground, waiting for the rain to stop. It's Sunday and hubby just left for home and it's raining again.

Boo Hoo. . . Whoa stop!

It's only water coming from the sky, unfrozen at that! I'm walking back to a nice camper with a heater that works and a good book waiting for me...oops, I left the book outside on the table on the deck! Oh how I hope this rain is coming straight down and the awning will cover my book enough.

Where was I? Oh yes being grateful.
It's a warm rain. It's still July for a couple more days. I have food on the cupboard... Oh darn I need to run into town for something for supper or I can have a rice cake again.

Gratitude. Right!

No wonder my scripture from Hebrews 12 this morning told me to get a grip!
"Get a grip with your tired hands and strengthen the weak knees..."

Get a grip on this clothes basket. You won't melt. And the clothes will dry...again...eventually.

It's Sunday afternoon here in Maine.

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1 comment:

Nancy said...

I love this post...It's like being there with you and just chatting away at whatever comes to mind....Thanks for reminding me to be grateful in ALL things not just when they are going my way...

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you...