Monday, July 15, 2013

A Lifetime of Brave

I was sick the whole nine months. Then she pressed into the world within an hour of intense labor. Huge trusting eyes stared at me in the moonlight, a quiet moment in between colicky cries that went on for hours.
Barely five, she boarded the bus for school. I was young and foolish. If I'd known how time flies, I'd have kept her at home another year.
School was a challenge but she never backed down.
Young working mother going to college, raising a child.
Marriage and moving and more heartache.
Always an uphill battle. Always courageous.
More moves, work, military, motherhood.
A minute of happiness.
Betrayal of trust, divorce.
A new path, a child with needs, a teenager spreading her wings...
I remember those eyes that trusted me, my own eyes filling with tears. I would have spared her much, if it were up to me.
She was an answer to prayer from the start. I don't understand His path. He trusts her with a heavy load that I want so much to lift.
 Only He can.
She doesn't know it. But I do.
She has lived a lifetime of Brave.

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Nancy said...

I hope I can type this through the tears....What a heartfelt Mama's heart for a dearly loved daughter....Paula, this is beautifully written....

altered byamber said...

Oh mom, I cried. Still crying. Thankyou so much, it is so beautiful.