Monday, July 29, 2013

Reflecting on Love

As I was driving this morning, I was listening to Graham Cooke. He said something that answered a question I'd uttered merely an hour ago.

" Our purpose here on earth is to be loved by God and then to pour out that love to others."

Can it be that simple?

The complexity comes in our resistance to Holy Spirit whether it be because of busyness, hurt, disappointment, idolatry or countless other barriers erected over our hearts.

God has been bringing down many walls in my life this past year. Now I want to begin seeing things through the filter of my purpose-'being loved by Him.

Over on Wings Open, our photo group is participating in August Break.
Here on Extravagant Purse I would like to make August about the Love of God. I may just share a photo, perhaps a writing, or even a guest post.

If you have something you'd like to share on this blog or a link to yours, either leave it in comments or email me personally and if it is in line with this theme, we'll see how we can make it happen.

Graham said that God is the Initiator and I am the responder. Beautiful thought to reflect on this Monday.

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1 comment:

Nancy said...

"Being seen through the filter of His love"...I just love that...Your words today really have me thinking...I know my purpose here is to glorify God and serve Him but I seem to be constantly thinking am I in my purpose?
I think I am making it too hard...