Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Journaling

My hubby was the last to depart today. I must admit I was dreading the lonely feeling when all my family left to return home, but the transition was smoother than I thought.

I have been taking a journaling course with Susannah Conway and a camper week full of life to be enjoyed interrupted my writing process :). This morning I watched our weekly video and was delightfully inspired so when the last car pulled away, I pulled out my Creative Dream Journal or Visual Journal as I call it and got to work. Jamie Ridler's suggestion of writing in the white spaces of images got my creative juices flowing.
I am sharing a few of the results instead of a week in review.

 I was so intensely focused in this process that a couple of hours passed without my realizing it.

Part of this exercise for me was going back through my written journals of the past few weeks and pulling out words or phrases I had highlighted and adding them to my Visual Journal. (Jamie also mentioned this in the video.) They are more accessible to me this way and it re-affirmed some of my thoughts as I did this.

I can't say I don't miss my big crew, but it was a pleasant afternoon spent with myself and my journals.

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