Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Begin


despite guilt for time wasted

fear of failure hovering

duty glaring.

I begin to pardon myself
for all words unwritten, photos untaken, joys walked away from.

I have the audacity
begin again.


Lis said...

Hello audacious YOU! I love reading your words especially as "I begin ... again " is kind of a mantra for me and shows up in the poem I wrote as well. But I love your experience of beginning again as audacious which is what our gremlins must think, but I say you are brave and inspiring for this simple yet profound act.

I look forward to seeing where this beginning takes you in the coming weeks -
xo Lis

Anonymous said...

This is great! We can only start where we are. It's easy to get caught up in all of the shoulds and that is what stops us so many time! Great Begining

marynbtol said...

Your poem is beautiful! Looking forward to journeying with you on Inner Excavate-along!

Holly said...

What an incredibly powerful poem. It spoke right to my heart. Thank you for sharing. Happy Excavating!