Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebration of a Life

I noticed this picture on Pinterest, I think, a few days ago and it has meant a lot to me ever since.

Yesterday I kept feeling like I should stay home from church and plant my flowers. This is very unusual for me. I was outside preparing a few pots and talking to the Lord about this.

"You know, Lord, I am feeling a bit guilty about this. Church is about to start."

"You are right where I want you."

A few minutes later I went into the house, only to find a text from a dear friend's daughter. It began, I know you're in church but...

I wasn't and I am grateful. I called her right away. I was able to be here when she and her sister pulled in 20 minutes later before traveling down to see her mom go off to heaven.

My friend, Jo and I often talked about listening to those quiet promptings from God, no matter how out of the box they seemed. We both know His voice.

She knows it better than I do now.

I will miss her, but I celebrate the time we had together. She lived a full life.

Jo loved eating out, Christian fiction, scrap booking, grapes, God tv, her prayer sisters and worshipping the Lord. She had a knitted dishcloth ministry that ministered to many and a prayer ministry that centered on her family and enveloped the world.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of one of His saints. No wonder! They are together now.

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