Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Light

My iPad was on my lap. As we approached the toll booth, I touched the camera app, lifted the iPad, and snapped three pictures. For my granddaughter, this would be normal but for me, unusual.

We passed through the booth and I reached into my bag for a book to occupy the next stage of our journey.
I pulled out Inner Excavation and began reading Chapter 2.

Sharp intake of breath...

Looking at the past. Here I was headed to a reunion with a childhood friend I hadn't seen for 45 years. Staring at the past.

I spent many years of my life either hindered by my past or struggling to get free. Last year was my Disencumbering. My thought was, "I don't want to return to focus on the past."

In the same moment, the photo I had just taken ...

The green light with the word etched within, "thank you."

No ordinary moment.

As I move into this week of chapter two, I am sensing a shift in perspective, in knowing my past.

Giving of thanks.
Moving forward.

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Kimberley said...

Hi - I'm a fellow excavator. This gave me goosebumps!