Friday, June 1, 2012

Authenticity Lesson #1

Often when I work in the office I watch IBethelTV. Today's message was by Paul Manwaring. 

His subject was enough to catch my attention because it was on authenticity and integrity.

 Authentic is my 2012 word. To tell the truth, I haven't given my word much thought.

It is difficult to take all of the message in while I am doing computer work and billing, but the Holy Spirit will often draw my attention to what he wants me to hear. Today, Manwaring said, if you want to increase in your integrity, start with yourself. If you say you are going to do something, do it.

I have had a difficult time staying true to my goals on my lifemap this year, one of which was to learn to work with my more complicated camera.

After leaving the office, I took a pair of scissors and headed out to the lilac bush. It has been too cool to open my front door and let their scent drift inside, so I thought a vase of the purple beauties on my table would be nice. When I reached the tree, there were two butterflies enjoying the blossoms. Immediately, the message came back to me. I raced into the house for my camera.

Above is one of the shots I took. How can such a simple thing make me feel so happy?

Another little surprise awaited me when I opened Picasa to upload my photos. A new photo editing program. I bought Photoshop a few months ago, but it turned out to be too much for my older laptop. I am delighted to find this one to tide me over. When I get a new laptop, I will tackle Photoshop.

Lesson #1 in Authenticity: Be a woman of integrity and start with me!

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Nancy said...

Don't you just love when He brings just the message to hear at just the moment we need to hear it....For me, it's always hard to start with self but that's what He is after...changing us...Great post......

Your picture is absolutely gorgeous....beautiful flowers and beautiful butterfly.....

I loved the way you had a completely different interpretation of my post today....Made me ponder even more....