Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Over the past 3 years God has blessed me with a group of women with whom I have prayed, done Beth Moore studies, shared, laughed and cried. I've known them for years but God has bound us together is a special way of late. He has made a heart connection.

We have prayed for one whose heart was broken by her son and seen her healed and the relationship move into restoration. We've supported each other in struggles and heartaches, laughed and celebrated the joys.Recently we've taken turns taking one of our sisters to the doctor, cooking and helping out as she battles an illness. I've seen the love of God in action.

Last night we hopped in the car and went to pray for a young woman who came to me with an SOS prayer need in her home.

I am amazingly blessed by these five women and their willingness to sacrifice, their acceptance of others, their faith when the going gets tough, and their joyous celebration of the tiniest victory.

At Christmas time they blessed me with the beautiful picture above.

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