Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Perpetual Calendar Journal

Standing in my kitchen this morning,I threw up my arms and shouted hooray!
My daughter, Amber, created a postcard journal for her teenage daughter, McKenna  and I wanted to make one for myself but had a few misgivings. One was that my creativity level has been at an all time low for a few years.
Today that all changed!
I started my perpetual journal and managed to make the first month's card. Yay!
I've been keeping regular journals for over 30 years, 2011 being no exception. I write the weather, daily happenings, scripture promises, what God is speaking over my life and how I am feeling that day.
I am also writing in a devotional journal on God's goodness that I purchased by Gloria Copeland, in which I already recorded a poem of sorts.
Here is dearly hoping that this creativity continues and increases in 2011.
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