Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As We Go...

Over the years, I have developed the habit of spending prolonged mornings with the Lord. I write in my journal, pray for my family, read the scriptures, and listen for guidance. Most of all, I enjoy God. Lately my mornings have been full of appointments, work, interruptions, etc.

As I was sharing today with a friend of mine about the past week, I realized how many ways the Lord had spoken to me and shown things to me as I went about my daily life.

In the Song of Solomon, chapter three describes a chariot or litter carried on the shoulders of men, which Solomon rode in. I was reading Watchman Nee's book on this. It is one of my favorite books. My original copy is in three pieces held together by an elastic band. Recently I found a hardcover second-hand on Amazon. Anyway, he was describing this passage as God movements on the shoulders of man.
In other words, He moves through our daily lives. As we go, He goes with us.
He delights in every detail of our journey, not just the set apart times.

So the word for today is: Enjoy the Journey!

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