Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

One of my favorite childhood memories was playing marbles with my brother.

Even then my love of color and texture manifested in the excitement I felt over the various marbles- milky ones, clear ones, large and small. I wish I could remember all the names we used to call them.

When I saw this jar of marbles at mom's, I immediately asked her for it. I carefully placed it on the windowsill where I could see it everyday. I can almost feel the dirt under my hand as I place the marble to the ground for the game.

The wind howling outside my window reminds me that winter snows cover the ground and grown-up years dull the memories of  a few sweet childhood days. I am thankful to have a reminder of the good things of the past. Too often I focus on the negative.

Thus  Tuesday Treasure.

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bikim said...

My son is 11 and loves them!