Monday, January 10, 2011


  1. To weigh down heavily, lay too much upon
  2. To hinder, impede, or clutter with useless articles or unwanted additions
  3. To handicap or burden 
I keep reading blogs about having a word for the year. I've been pondering this for several days and there it was- DISENCUMBER. I wasn't even sure what it meant. So I looked it up. My dictionary didn't have it so I looked up encumber. Hmmm. So in order to disencumber, I would be getting rid of unnecessary weights or things which have outgrown their use.
This morning I went out to work with my trainer who is helping me with muscle strength because of a shoulder problem. She understands my strengths and weaknesses. I used to be afraid of weights because of past injury, but now I realize it's about using the right weight for me and in the proper way. Kate has been a Godsend.
I felt so good when I left the gym this morning- refreshed and encouraged - although it was a struggle to get there. Sometimes it is a struggle to find the right balance, use wisdom, set boundaries, get rid of things that are no longer useful. I'm not always sure how to make the necessary changes.
According to my word- DISENCUMBER- I'm going to learn.

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