Monday, April 18, 2011

Women of Strength - Day One

I believe women are amazing creations, who rarely realize our potential, our value, our influence.

I am in a prayer group with  five of these incredible ladies. 

For a season we were able to meet on a weekly basis. Now, however, we can barely manage to get all of us together once every three months. God prepared us for this time by dropping the idea in my heart for an online group where we can post to each other, sharing our ups and downs, along with an occasional SOS prayer request.
Just this week one of our ladies shared a serious request for her husband who is battling depression. The response was beautiful. Written prayers, encouragement, and a simple "I am praying..."

Not a one of us would call ourselves strong women, but women of strength - maybe. There is a scripture that talks about a three-fold cord that is not easily broken.  We need each other more than we know.

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