Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marathon for the Heart

On Friday I was deleting a few things on my Itunes, trying to clean it up a bit.  Oops. I deleted all of Joel Osteen's podcasts by mistake, but I still had them on my ipod. That's when the thought came to me.

  Why not have a Joel Osteen marathon before they were wiped off ?
So while I worked around the house and in the office I listened to Joel, one podcast after another

.By suppertime I realized how boxed in my thinking had become of late.

Saturday afternoon I worked on tacking a quilt, popped my ipod in the little stereo, and continued my marathon.
Joel told story after story encouraging faithfulness, breakthroughs on the horizon, uncommon faith and hope, the timing of God and His goodness toward his people.
Simple devotion to Christ and He to us.

When I was looking for an image of a marathon to go with this post, I found a lot of grandiose pictures. The shadows stood out to me.

When I clicked on it, the title was none other than:
 "Are marathons good for your heart?"

Sometimes life can seem like a marathon. We train over and over, day after day, waiting for the BIG Race, the huge accomplishment , the applause, the recognition that it was all worth it. As we focus all our energy on the future, we miss the "holy moments" as one blogger put it recently.

As I was slowly tacking my quilt yesterday, needle in, needle out...pricking my fingers on the occasional stray pin...I prayed for my granddaughter who would be covered by these stitches and material when completed. Simple prayers for faithfulness, hope, knowledge of God's love for her, breakthroughs and timing, protection, His drawing, His plans.
Holy Moments.

Are marathons good for your heart?
This one was.

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