Monday, September 2, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things This Summer

Lily talking
Reading a book in the sunshine
Vacation week with the family
10 days at home in July
Scrabble games with Ken
Emails and calls from Vicky and Barbie and Steph
A week with Pam
Dunkin Donuts Butter Pecan Decaf Iced Coffee
Hazel's Laughter
Nancy's Prayer
One day in Bar Harbor with Amber & Ken - sunsets, rainbows, stuck in a great shop when it poured
Maxwells' visit
Bella's school and game
A day at the zoo with the grandkids- Bella, Ben and Kobi
Blue butterflies
Old movies
Sister's visit
Ferris Wheel ride with Hubby
Lily's Birthday


Nancy said...

Sounds like lots of wonderful memories from the summer of 2013....I love the processing of Lily's picture....the stars are precious....

Cheryl Ruffing said...

That's a beautiful shot of Lily, and I love your new banner.