Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week in Review

I began this week in total exhaustion, not realizing that I was coming down with a virus. 
Silver Lining: I was able to rest at the camper four days.

Mom remains in rehab after knee surgery doing well, but I haven't been able to visit because of the virus.
Silver Lining: My brother was a great help, as well as McKenna picking up some things she needed.

God dug deep this week and tears were shed.
Silver Lining: Peace as a result.

Another book makes my favorite list, which I have yet to create. "love anthony" by Lisa Genova is a beautifully written novel, layered with the stories of two women and one little boy. I bought this book for my daughter and when I read it after her, I realized what a miracle happened the day her hand pulled this from the shelf in Shermans. It could have been written for her.

Missing home, had to cancel several appointments.
Silver Lining: email is a wonderful thing! 

Journaling class off the ground and running. "Anything" study with GMG challenging. Love how both of these are working together in my life.

Back in Bangor for the weekend, still coughing, resting, reading. 
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