Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I am back at the camper for two days, trying to rid myself of this cough before the rest of  the family comes on the weekend. I was too tired to notice anything awry when I landed here last night. Emerging this morning,  I found the tin we keep the birdseed in tipped over, bent open and seed scattered everywhere. An unsettled feeling stirred within me. It had to be something pretty big to bend the can like that. Then I noticed the feeder itself. The wood on the front was torn off and lying on the ground. This can't be good.

After cleaning up the mess, I walked over to my neighbors' camper. 

"Are there any critters around, besides skunks and racoons?" I inquired.

 "There was a sign up at the laundromat to take all bird feeders down. We have a bear in the park."

Reluctantly, I removed the bird feeder and moved our tin man ( Hubby's Dad made him) to the pole.

Later, as I sat on the deck, I watched a curious squirrel keep crawling up the pole and all over the tin man, investigating. Then he looked up at me and began to chatter. I know. I feel the same.

The birds have been coming all day to clean up the seed on the ground - tiny sparrows, yellow finches, red or purple finches (not sure because they look red to me), two morning doves and one single blue jay who likes to cock his head at me.  I will miss my feathered friends. 
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Nancy said...

Hey I am back......I have so missed your posts and glad to catch up...

A bear, WOW, please be careful and great you have neighbors...

I hope you get well before the weekend so you can enjoy your family.....

Love ya,