Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I Want To Make...

  • Photo Credit: Amber Walker

    • beautiful photographs
    • a quilt for my bed
    • list of books to read
    • walking time
    • frames with favorite photos
    • writing space for book
    • time with friends
    • vegetable garden
    • healthy body
    • wise choice of words 
    • more room in my heart for God's love
    • trip to new places
    • hubby time
    • movement to God's rhythm
    • breath prayers
    • visual journal
    • memory moments with my grandchildren
    • Himself list
    • a path to God for my children
    • pain go away for those I love (though I know I can't)
    • peace 

1 comment:

Nancy said...

What a beautiful list of things you want to do....So many of them would be on mine as well....Since I started my sabbatical, I have really been doing lots of art journaling....mostly with colored markers but God has revealed lots to me as I have been working on them.....