Friday, June 28, 2013

Camera Story

I've gotten slack of late in taking pics with my camera. I did snap a few bird shots this week, but for the most part I used my iPhone. My camera travels with me whereever I go as here in the car cup holder. At this moment, it is still sitting in my car which is probably not exactly the perfect place, considering it is raining cats and dogs outside. Now that would be a photo, wouldn't it?

I am grateful for the convenience of the iPhone camera and it does a good job. This summer I want to tell stories with both of my cameras. Today's pic tells the tale. Cover still on, thrown carelessly when in a hurry, bottle caps from my water yet to be cleaned out of the car, and a yummy hand cleanser from Bath & Body. 
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Nancy said...

Sometimes I depend on my phone to take pictures as well. I guess there is a place for both.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Are you at the camper?