Thursday, May 30, 2013

Morning Rain on Lilacs

With tea and toast in hand, I slipped into the living room to spend some time with my Bible and morning ritual of prayer.

The lilac bush just outside my door caught my eye. Thinking of the scent that would waft through my home, I pulled the door open. Even though it was cloudy and had been raining, the air was warm. Beauty of raindrops remaining on blossoms presented a photo opportunity. I grabbed my camera, turned it to cloudy setting on white balance (my last week in the Big Picture class has me experimenting)  macro for a few shots, and stepped outside feeling the dampness through my fleece footies.

Every spring for a few short days, I revel in this tree. Winter was cruel to her this past year, with ice breaking many of her branches. I constantly fight the sucker shoots that drain nutrients from the real thing. Pruning her in the fall, praying over her growth. God in his graciousness continues to bless me with her beauty year after year.

Toast was cold, tea still good in my triple layer cup, and I struggled through prayer. Waiting always to hear His voice. Eventually I did, but as I type I realize that I already had.

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