Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ebb Tide

The plan was to unpack all the totes, make up the beds, stock and clean the camper in two days. Nine totes down, two to go. The fridge is turned on and the cupboards hold enough supplies for me to eat for a few days. My bed is made but the cleaning is on hold. This is unlike me. I like to get things done and then put my feet up. Rain and cold have made it impossible to open the windows and somehow the dust just doesn't seem that urgent. 

Reluctantly I made a Walmart run for ant spray and septic chemicals. ( How can ants be out already? Its too cold!) On my way back, I noticed the fog settling in so I decided to drive down to Trenton Bridge and get some great photos of fog over the ocean. I pulled into the deserted picnic area armed with my camera. After days of being downhearted, I was buoyed by the idea of gazing out over the ocean. I ran across the grass and over a few rocks. Suddenly my foot sank into seaweed. Literally sank, like being sucked into mud. That's when I looked up and realized the tide was out, way out. I had to extend my camera lens to its full length in order to capture any sea water at all and it was too gray to get a good picture.

Deflated, I snapped a few photos anyway and turned back to the car. 

Ebb and flow. Rhythms. 

These words ran through my head,"This is a picture of where I am in my life right now- at low ebb."  

I hadn't given any thought to the tides. 

The small space heater is the only sound I hear, as I sit looking out the camper window, thinking about tides and rhythms and weather patterns and life and typing this post.

I am here. 

This is where I am tonight.

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