Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Love You More

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A few weeks ago when I was home, I may have written about  two annoying pennies that kept following me around. I picked them up from the floor and popped them in the pocket of my robe. Later, when carrying my robe to the next room, they fell out and I picked them up again and placed them on the table and the story goes on. At that time, God reminded me of the scripture that tells us that a sparrow worth two pennies is important to Him, and He loves me more.

My hubby has this tradition going with McKenna, our granddaughter. Before they hang up the phone or stop texting, they always say I love you more. This continues until one of them laughs and gives in. Ken and I do it sometimes too.

This morning I awoke here at home with a cloud over my head. Ever had one of those days? I couldn't shake that anxious feeling. It was cold in the house. I didn't want to start a fire because I knew the temp would change with the day, so I threw my robe in the dryer to warm it up. ( I know, for all you thrifty-I-hang-my-clothes-out-never-use-my-dryer-in-the-summer-people, there are some things worth paying for.)

I knew I'd cleaned out my pockets, so when the dryer became noisy, I was a bit nervous. I opened the door, only to find my two pennies staring back at me. How did those pennies get back in the pocket of my robe?

 I thought of the sparrow. 

I love you more.

Thank you, Lord.

P.S. I love to hang my clothes out too but my clothesline is down due to a rough winter and not back in action yet :)

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