Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grocery Run

After living in the city for several months, it's easy to forget how small town life compares in the daily run of things. Yesterday I popped down to the local store for a few items. I wasn't even out of the car when I saw a friend I hadn't seen in ages. We stood outside in the beautiful bright sunshine and caught up with each other. She hugged me with tears in her eyes as she shared a loss she had suffered recently and I spoke a few words of understanding.

Inside the store, fruit and veggies lie hand- packaged in small amounts especially for senior customers.
Aisles seem closed in with select items packed into a small space.

As I was checking out, another friend came through the door and we caught up quickly as she told me about her plans to fly out to see  her son graduate from boot camp. This involved finding a respite place for her other adult son who is suffering with a debilitating disease. She showed me her bruised shoulder, which she fractured a few weeks ago, then quickly left to pick up the grandkids. All of this while standing in the front of the country store.

I returned home over  half an hour after leaving, having planned for a 10 minute errand, and not exactly what I wanted for groceries because they didn't have my items. But with a smile on my face.

How different from shopping in the city - nice large aisles, lots of product to choose from, busy people going to and fro,  focused on the grocery list in my iPhone. Then headed home to the smiles of my girls.

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