Saturday, July 7, 2012

Standing in the Rough

The deck of the camper is rough under my feet but it grounds me. If stained and pretty, it becomes slippery in the rain.

Vacation ends tomorrow.

I am pondering this past week and all I have learned. It was a tough week in some ways because I was physically challenged in an area. This was both frustrating and exhausting. I leaned hard on the thought that God is my helper. He provided McKenna for help, too :)

I only lost my cool once. Even then, I learned there are "turtle" times, when it's okay to pull your head in and heal for a bit...and forgive.

This week was rough under my feet at times. I didn't like that I wasn't able to react perfectly. I hate weakness that restricts me. Reminders of past failures crop up with grown children.

I am reminded of something Susannah Conway said in "this I know." I may have mentioned it before.

"This story does not belong to me."

I add, " not anymore."

I will go home, weed out and focus on all of the memorable moments this vacation held for me, good and bad.

I will only hold on to those that belong to me.

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amber said...

Love this post! Your posts have been so beautiful & inspiring.