Saturday, July 14, 2012

Calling a Truce

"I want to call a truce, to find a way to be a body and soul...I want to learn to nurture my body."
Susannah Conway

I am reading bits and pieces at a time of "this I know" by Susannah Conway. Today's reading brought tears to my eyes. My body and I have always been at odds, it seems. When I was young, I worried that my shape would turn into my mothers, gaining weight in all the wrong places.

As I had children, the battle began to take off baby fat.

Later I struggled with digestive issues from a congenital pancreas problem. Moving into midlife threw my body into a hormonal frenzy, resulting in serious food allergies. No weight problem now, except how to gain it.

This summer,I am struggling with another issue and today, as I looked at my arms and legs and saw the effects of aging, I talked to my body.

" I love you. You've been good to me no matter what. "

Then I read Susannah's words which touched me where I am.

I have taken the pathways of various diets and vitamin regimens, recently juicing , trying to bring my body back into some order. Along the way, wisdom was added, but much remains the same. I read my healing scriptures everyday and trust God's care. I think of a phrase I read somewhere.

"in acceptance lies peace."

I feel like body and me have been in a struggle for a long time. Time for a truce. I am not sure what that looks like, but somehow it feels right.


I like the word.

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Relyn said...

You know, I've been wanting to get that book. I think you just convinced me.