Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Portrait Practice on a No-Makeup Day

After ten days of vacation, I need a vacation. Yesterday was spent catching up laundry and four hours in the office, grabbing a few groceries and various other tasks.

This is a no-makeup day. I pulled on my sweats and sunglasses to make me incognito, stopped at the bank and kept my beloved massage appointment. My neglected flowers beckoned to me on arriving home. After a late lunch I was exhausted, but kept thinking about the exercises in chapter 6 of Inner Excavation. Deciding to play around a bit with reflection, self-timer (which I have never done), and self portrait, I made myself reach for the camera.

Here are a few results with no fixes except the cinemascope.

How I feel today

Reflection of me behind the camera
Lost in the beautiful sight out the window

This is what i was looking at

Not bad for a first try and brave for a gal with none of the fixins :)

1 comment:

amber said...

I love your self-portraits! You are really creative!