Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poetry Collaboration

Poetry Collaboration: 
McKenna and I gave each other a list of words from which to write a poem for Inner Excavate-along, week 6. Here are the results.

 Poem Untitled.

Waves transport me;
look to them,
and I enter deeper into
the haze.

The haze of my future:
what's next and where
I am going.

The blue is hypnotizing,
transferring me into my
tattered thoughts
The rhythm waits;
saying only two drifting words:

Whats next?


Why did you stop?
come play with me
jump on the merry-go-round
faster faster
tummy tumbles
til the dust

Try the monkey bars
  I hold you up
now letting go
you can make it
fingers burning
need to finish

Teeter totter
work takes two
flying high
smack the ground
hang on hands
look- no hands

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