Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Week

This is the final week in Inner Excavate-along. The chapter concludes the journey with ideas for capturing the full experience in any number of ways. I have been printing out my posts and pictures each week and putting them in a folder until I came to the camper. When I go home on Monday I will print out the remaining posts and complete the journey.

My favorite part of the whole excavation was the separate collaborations with my daughter and granddaughter. We are going to do another one together that I will blog about soon.

The other nugget I dug out from this course was the reminder to take pictures of simple joys all along the way. I was sitting here thinking about what to post when I happened to look up and glance in the mirror. To my delight, I could see a hummingbird in the new feeder we put up. He is not there now but you can see the feeder in the mirror on the left. It is capturing the view outside my door.

I am not sure I would have even thought to take a picture of this prior to these seven weeks. Thanks Liz, the Flickr community and Amber and McKenna for all the fun!

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