Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In my rocker, surrounded by books, a cup of tea in hand, cat softly snoring, fire in stove warming,
I give thanks.

And this time, it's real.

Thank you, Lord for the morning you directed me to the blog that would lead me to this book.
I hold it in hand. One Thousand Gifts.
I want to move away from posting about it, but I cannot.

I've been sitting here, reading aloud the poetry of a life and I hear the call.
Deep calls unto deep.
I have walked through those same places of fear and moved softly back to trust.

"Thanks is what builds trust." (chapter 8)
"Trusting God is my most urgent need."

Mine, too.

"If fear keeps our lives small, does a life that receives all of God in this moment grow large, too?"

He is here, in my maze. He knows the way through. I place my small hand in His, the very Hand which created all that surrounds me.

In this moment, one tiny second, I trust.

Breathing thanks, one breath at a time.

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Relyn said...

I absolutely love that sign. Perfect truth about faith.