Thursday, March 3, 2011

The wind is fierce today. I sit in front of my pellet stove thinking, praying, pondering.

A few short months ago I was celebrating a glimpse of God's love. A new revelation.
Yet I knew it was fragile.

The storms have blown in . The picture in my mind: a fragile flower outside today. It doesn't last a minute.

Another picture pops up.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago at a little cafe because it seemed to call out to me. It's a metal flower.

A flower made of steel..

A year ago I was sitting in a Bible class when a man started talking about a specific type of tree that grows here in northern Maine. He said one company buys them because the wood is strong. The tree has had to work hard to put it roots down deep against the adversity of weather conditions etc. Thus it took much longer to grow but the end result was a wood stronger than any other.

Steel flowers.

Before I got out of bed this morning, I whispered a prayer. I need something, Lord.

All things work together for good to those who are called, according to his purpose.

Does Love know what He's doing?

I hope so.

simple trust
Only there's nothing simple about it.

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