Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Cloak of Humility

When you lay down that sense of entitlement, you move into gratitude.

There is a fine line between faith and entitlement.

 As a daughter of the King, I learned over the years to stand in faith and covenant for the promises of God. The problem comes when He doesn't come through the way I think he should. My defaults are either self- doubt or underlying anger, a sense of entitlement. Most of the time I land in the first one but God has been showing me the latter one hanging around my heart this past year. 

The problem with an attitude of entitlement is that it shoves out servanthood, gratitude and worship. It means I left my cloak of humility at home.

Remember the elfin (or is it elvin?) cloaks given to Frodo and Sam on their journey? One time they used them to hide from the enemy. What is it that makes Frodo and Sam our heroes? Bravery, innocence, simplicity, companionship, loyalty and yes, humility. I've always thought the cloaks represent humility.

I was reading in my "Stuck" study this morning and Jennie Allen shared a little section about a young woman who deserved better in her life. She really did. But her whole perspective changed when she realized we don't get what we deserve because of grace.

 "It is Gods grace that we have life at all."

Immediately I was reminded to check my attitude today, to put on the cloak of humility over the armor of God and move into gratitude. I felt my focus shift.

As I move out of the camper this week and into a new place, instead of dreading another move and grieving that I'm not going home, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, to find joy in a new community, to count my blessings. 

I noticed on another blog which I will link to when I get on my laptop, that she lists her blessings, her gratitude list with each post.

Today I am grateful for:

Colored leaves
Stuck Bible Study

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Nancy said...

Beautiful words of encouragement....I pray your move this week will go smoothly....