Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Does God Live in You?

Does God live in you? 

A simple question that I would have breezed through a year ago.
 This was in my "Stuck" study this morning.

If you have never asked Jesus to be your Savior, the answer, according to scripture, is no. 
Colossians says the mystery of the Gospel is "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

I did ask Him in, decades ago. I've lived my life grounded in that knowing. "He who has the Son has life."
 I John 5:12

But today, looking at the question in black and white, I ask myself:

Does God live in me?

Almighty God
Prince of peace
Most High
 sovereign LORD
Leader of numberless angel armies
Worker of miracles
Love Incarnate

Does that God live in me?

I don't know.

No pretense, no fancy talk here

If this life I'm living right now is God living in me
 my God is too small.

I begin October with these thoughts. 

What is God beginning in me?

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Nancy said...

Deep thoughts to ponder at the beginning of this new season...God said "I am faithful to complete the new work I have begun in you"...I feel the same as you so often but I remind myself that the "greats" in the Bible often seem to have felt the same way...Alone and certainly not empowered...A friend told me once be careful of feelings and stand on the Word....
I think you have been in the "fire" being refined so He can use you even more....He promised He wouldn't let the temperature get hotter than we can stand so hold on dear friend...you are becoming a diamond.....