Thursday, October 3, 2013

God Never Shuts Down

Yesterday was a glorious fall day. I had been wanting to go to Otter Cliffs for a month or more. My friend, Nancy and I made plans to go, which is rare because she is one busy lady and we can't make our schedules sync. The night before our appointed day, Hubby called and told me that we would have to cancel those plans because the government was shutting down all the National Parks. I was devastated. Otter Cliffs is a must for me once a year and I really needed this.

When Nancy arrived, I told her the news and she said she thought we could still make it work. She was right! We went in by a road near the cliffs, parked outside the gated entrance to Acadia and walked in. Many bikers and hikers were doing the same.

Now I'm a follow-the-rules kinda gal, but seriously I felt like God opened this door and my heart. We walked in, sat on the rocks for two hours ( oh, for a pillow!) and I breathed the salty smell of ocean air, let the sun soak into my skin and listened to the waves breaking over the rocks. 

I kept saying to my friend, "I can't believe you got me to Otter Cliffs." 

It was exactly what I needed and a treasure I will look back on this winter.

p.s. Do you remember my post a day or two ago about God living in me? I got the coolest email today from Faith Gateway. Check it out here.

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