Monday, October 14, 2013

Direction, Doctors and Devotional Thoughts

Poor neglected blog :( . It has been a busy time, moving, regrouping, head spinning.

Last night I tried to blog and had all kinds of problems, no wifi, links wouldn't work, iPad kept shutting down safari. Crazy.

It was a beautiful Columbus Day here in the middle of Maine. Hubby said it drizzled and was dreary up north. I started out my day finishing some shopping for a birthday present for my daughter. I found one Kelly Rae figurine in the city. She was beautiful with wings but when the lady went to put her in the styrofoam, her wings fell off. The clerk offered to hot glue them on (?) but I quickly refused. 
"This has been a tough year for her ( I didn't tell her who it was for), and I don't want any wings falling off." 
So happy it happened in the store. Definitely not the right birthday gift.
I did find the right one later.

In the afternoon I had the long awaited doctor appointment (9 or 10 months). He was very thorough and now I will need a bit more direction.

That's the word today: direction. I shared a devotional on Instagram by Joseph Prince on that very subject. He quoted from the book of James. God wants us to ask for wisdom. I'm asking.

Tonight I sit in my little home away from home and think about my day. About my visitors :), hubby up home, God's plan for me to be exactly where I am at this moment.

We don't always understand his plans. Somewhere in Proverbs it says a woman makes her plans, but God directs her steps. I am beginning to understand that a little better. 

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Bloggers out there!


Nancy said...

When will you have more information from your dr?I know it must be hard getting settled into a new place but with all that's going on I am glad you on hanging on to God's wisdom about the situation and knowing He has you right where you are....

I am praying for you....

Flyfree said...

I can't believe the wings fell off!So glad you found another gift :)

I absolutely love your new banner photo of the red and white dress! precious!