Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Quiet Side

August Filter 
 My purpose here on earth is to be loved by God and then to pour out that love. 

My days this week were a mixture of traveling and quietness. On one of the quiet days, my goal was to write but every word seemed dry and forced so I got in the car and drove to southwest harbor. After meandering through a few shops, I drove to where I thought hubby and I always went to sit and watch the boats come in. I ended up in a quiet little niche of the harbor, where the only people around seemed to be locals who belonged there.

I gave up my idea of finding a place to read but settled for taking a few photos instead. The breeze was blowing, sun shining and a young teenage boy rode  his bike past me, down the path to a simple house on the water. I was only there a few minutes but the scene left a lasting impression on me. A place where one belongs. It's not a small thing. How many people long for such a place?

Applying August Filter : No matter where I am or how much I feel like I belong or not, I am loved by God right here, right now.

Last night when I returned to the camper from a long drive through bumper traffic, I discovered something wrong with my wheel. I called hubby, begging him to come down and take care of it. He couldn't. I whined, fretted, and went to bed in tears, tossing and turning all night. I awoke feeling like I'd failed a test of some sort. 

This morning as I drove to VIP to have the wheel checked out, I heard the holy whisper. 
I love you as much today as the quiet days when you were basking in the sunshine of my grace.

Even when I am not writing about it, this is day 3 of applying it.

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Sharon Wagner said...

I'm whispering, "Cool photo" Shhh...

Nancy said...

Sweet confirmation He has you close.
Hugs to you my friend...