Friday, August 16, 2013

Beautiful Lady

Hello Beautiful Lady.

I greet the morning dove who has become my daily visitor. Last year's morning doves were fat and plain and gray. She is slimmer with a hint of peach gold on her belly.

She looks at me atop the bird feeder. I don't move but look directly into her face from my perch on the deck.
I feel sad for her. The new bird feeder poses a challenge for some reason. She seems timid, almost fearful every time she comes, about finding a spot on the narrow ledge. Most of the time she settles for the seeds on the ground. Today she flutters her wings and makes a perfect landing on the feeder. I am happy.

A tiny chickadee joins her, yet she isn't frightened. I can hear her pecking away at the seeds, despite the noise of a barking dog across the way.
The buzzing of a large black and yellow bee distracts me as it disappears inside the orange flowers hanging beside me. Normally I would move away, but I am too much at peace. I remain in my chair.

Birds are chirping in the trees. A breeze lifts their leaves in a comforting rhythm. Neighboring campers, husband and wife converse as they work around their yard, a welcome change from their earlier argument. On the other side, I hear Hazel hosing off something. She is always cleaning or watering her flowers or entertaining friends with her husband, Carl. I never hear an argument from their camper. Its more likely laughter ringing out from their covered deck, the sound of Hazel's my favorite.

The sun is shifting from my bare feet and I sit mostly in shade now. Life is beautiful in this moment. My book lies against my chest, one I've merely begun by a favorite author. She writes about Italy, the countryside and the everyday comings and goings of its common people. I fall under her spell within a few pages.
I want to travel to Italy, but not to Roman coliseums nor museums filled with tourists, but to small simple villages where the whole community gathers for supper. Outdoor ovens, fresh vegetables, wine offered generously to a humble visitor. This is a dream.

Beautiful lady, come to flutter her wings and inspire my pen today.

Written a couple of weeks ago.

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Nancy said...

Beautiful. Heartfelt.