Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Treaures and Gratitude

I often mention my daughter and her family here because I have been living with them for the past six months for the most part. We also have two sons that we love dearly along with their wives and children. The boys drove north to accompany their dad to a doctor's appointment for moral support. That meant taking a day off work and driving five hours one way.

Monday morning we stood at the window just as the school bus was picking up the neighbor kids. The boys teased each other about being ready because the "bus is here." 
I watched as they walked down the driveway and over to the shop to see Hubby. So many memories. Where does the time go? When you are raising children, the day to day pressures crowd out the joys of small moments. Often it's not until later that moms are able to savor those moments.

When we become grandparents, we realize how much we may have taken for granted in our youth.
 Today I drove 2 1/2 hours back to my daughter's home, much of it through snow and slippery roads. By the time I reached here, the weather had mellowed to 40 degrees and rain. I sat in the little entry of Lily's school, anxiously waiting to see her. 
It took her a few minutes to transition, but by the time I lifted her into the carseat, she looked at me and smiled that beautiful grin. I kissed her dimpled cheek and thanked God for this child.

I treasure my family, from the youngest to the oldest. Thank you Lord.
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